Wednesday, April 24, 2013

 My Ship Has Come In!

-My copy of Rebel Raiders arrived this morning!  Others should be receiving theirs any day now....

-Although of course I saw and signed off on the proof files the artists sent, there is nothing like actually holding the game, unfolding the map, shuffling through the cards and punching out the counters!

-I can't wait to play my own game; it looks beautiful!

-Many thanks to the artists who did such excellent work:  Mark Simonitch for the map; Charles Kibler for the cards and counters and layout; Rodger MacGowan for the cover and box art and Tony Curtis, of course, for coordinating the entire production.  Thanks are also due to the entire team at GMT, notably Andy Lewis and Gene Billingsley for once again believing in me.

-Thanks are also due to my editor/developer, Fred Schachter, our historical consultant, Chris Vorder Bruegge, our proofreaders and editorial assistants - Kevin Duke, Jonathan Squibb, Peter Reese and Paul Brodhoc - and to the host of playtesters who have worked on this since I first came up with the concept five years ago:  Michael Schachter, Phil Garland, Oliver Shueftan, Ken Gutermuth and Phil Spera and the Monday Night Gamers, especially Bob Turnbough and Ed Regendahl.

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