Monday, August 5, 2013

The Healing and Teaching Power of Board Games

My "Napoleonic Wars" Cited as Useful in "Dealing With Stress" and for "Leadership Lessons"

Award-winning fellow wargamer  and noted business consultant Scott Pfeiffer featured my Napoleonic Wars boardgame in an article on his company's blog.  Entitled "Dealing With Stress: Lessons from a Boardgame,"  Scott not only said many complimentary things about it ("Trust me, this is a great game,") but also demonstrated how games, and my game in particular, can help teach people and the companies they run or work for some good lessons in how to deal with stress, especially in hard times.

For the full article, please go to

On a related note, consultant Richard Bliss mentioned my Napoleonic Wars in his piece in Forbes entitled "Juicy Leadership Lessons...From Boardgames?"


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