Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 27, 1863 Opening the “Cracker Line” at Chattanooga

This day 150 years ago in Rebel Raiders’ History

-Dedicated to Civil War episodes, battles, people and ships that also appear in my game, GMT’s Rebel Raiders on the High Seas

October 27, 1863 Opening the “Cracker Line” at Chattanooga

Historical Event:  During the night of October 27, 1863 a Union infantry brigade stealthily moved by boat downriver and past the Confederate batteries on Lookout Mountain to land and establish a bridgehead on the west bank of the Tennessee River at Brown’s Ferry.  The brigade repulsed Rebel counterattacks and opened a supply path to the embattled defenders of Chattanooga, a route that would become famous as the “Cracker Line.”

Game Connection:    Although primarily a naval game, the land war is represented in Rebel Raiders on the High Seas, and Chattanooga is a lynchpin in the defense of the Confederate west.  Cards represent many of the leaders who fought in and around that city, including Union General Ulysses Simpson Grant  (USN Card 8) and Confederate Generals James Longstreet (CSN Card 79)  and, at least in image and intent, Braxton Bragg (USN Card 7 – “A Lack of Brains”).

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