Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rebel Raiders' 6th Best Game of 2013 - Marco Arnaudo: "I Loved it!"

Rebel Raiders Named 6th Best Game of 2013 by Noted Reviewer Marco Arnaudo

Every January the esteemed and entertaining Marco Arnaudo releases his top ten list of games for the previous year, and Rebel Raiders on the High Seas just won the sixth slot on that prestigious roster.

In his video blog, Arnaudo summed up the purpose and play of the game, and noted that it is "great fun," a "tense game," and one that "does a good job creating opportunities and challenges."  In short, concluded Arnaudo "I loved it!"

Marco explains how he appreciates that as a game focusing on the oft-ignored naval strategy of the conflict, Rebel Raiders allows players to "see the American Civil War from a slightly different angle than you have usually." He also praised the "dramatic richness" of  the "entire experience," of playing the game, which he added "is extremely rich, extremely fascinating."

To view the entire 28-minutes plus blog (the four-minute section on Rebel Raiders starts just after the 8-minute mark) please visit Marco's Top Ten at:

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  1. Great! I highly value Marco;s reviews, wish he did computer games also.