Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln

February 12, 1864 was anything but a happy birthday for Abraham Lincoln.  As he turned 55, the President had the weight of the world upon his broad and now slightly stooped shoulders.  The heady victories of the summer of 1863 were but distant memories in the winter of 1864. With Confederate commerce raiders driving Union shipping from the seas,  and Southern armies continuing to frustrate Union advances into Georgia and Virginia, there was still no end in sight to the conflict that was bleeding the nation white.

Abraham Lincoln is a presence in my strategic Civil War naval game, Rebel Raiders on the High Seas.   The Union player is, arguably, as much Lincoln as the Confederate player is Jefferson Davis.   Lincoln is represented in the Emancipation Proclamation Rule and in Confederate Card 97 - Lincoln and His Generals (which the Southern side may play to force the Union to discard one of the cards that represent Generals Grant, Sherman or Sheridan following a Yankee defeat in combat).

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