Friday, April 18, 2014

Civil War Gamer E-Zine Profiles Rebel Raiders on the High Seas

ACW Gamer  The Ezine, a new publication devoted to "wargaming the war between the states in miniature" profiles Rebel Raiders on the High Seas in its third and current issue.  The six-page article entitled "Finally, the Civil War at Sea: Strategic Naval Gaming in Rebel Raiders on the High Seas," is lavishly illustrated with pictures of the box cover, map and some of the key cards in the game.

Other articles in Vol. I, No. 3 include a report on Civil War gaming at the Cold Wars miniatures convention which was held in March in Lancaster, PA; and after-action report of a big miniatures battle; a primer on the Springfield rifled musket and items on building terrain, modeling an observation balloon and painting 18 mm scale Union infantry.

For a peak inside the magazine, visit the website at:

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