Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rebel Raiders on the High Seas Soon Set Sail for WBC

Rebel Raiders on the High Seas To Set Sail for WBC August

From August 7th-9th Editor/Developer Fred Schachter and I will be showing off our strategic naval game of the Civil War, Rebel Raiders on the High Seas game, at the WBC (World Boardgaming Championships) in Lancaster, PA.  The convention is at the Lancaster Host Resort on Route 30.

Fred and I are scheduled to run teaching demos in the demo area on Thursday afternoon and evening, and there is a tournament - the first ever for Rebel Raiders at WBC. 

We also will be demonstrating our newest design - soon to be up on the GMT game company's P500 list - Hitler's Reich: A Card Conquest System Game.  It is a simple, fast, quick-playing game of the European Theater of Operations (including North Africa and the Middle East).  The game is unique in that it does not use any land playing pieces and is fought out through card play - with colored wooden pieces marking the progress of the opposing sides.  We can teach the game to new players - even players new to wargaming - in a few minutes.

For more on the convention, please check out:

In the meantime, enjoy Rebel Raiders on the High Seas!

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