Tuesday, July 23, 2013

 Princess Ryan's Star Marines "highly recommended" "Romp in the 23rd Century"

A fan of the game just posted this about my  Princess Ryan's Star Marines novel:

"I found myself quickly wrapped up in the crew of the Schenectady as they found themselves in unplanned action against the enemy (no spoilers here) and the book IS a page turner fueled by the light hearted but relentless action of this very light infantry unit. While I would have preferred the crew I loved for so many years, I was still able to root for the Star Marines as they found themselves with their backs to the wall and as I finished Part One of the book, I found myself wanting more. Some books are hard to get into for a variety of reasons, but this isn't one of them. This book is just the opposite and it literally pulls you along as you read the story. So, cover and cast aside, it's a book I highly recommend for a run romp in the 23rd century."

The "crew I loved for years” by the way IS in the book (as the dramatis personae notes), but they show up later, during the big battle scenes  (these include Captain Bob “Buckets of Blood” Watts,  Lt. Crystelle,   Sergeant Marty “Steel Dome” Fanalon and, of course, “Hank the Tank,”  who appear as Marines in the deck of cards in the game).  Many of the sites on the game board are in the book, as are many of the weapons depicted on the cards and the enemies from the Black Guard deck  (the “suicide fappers” being a personal favorite).

The reviewer did prefer the cover of the game to that of the novel, but the book cover is my son’s homage to the cover for the original miniatures’ game “Princess Ryan’s Space Marines” done by William Lindsay more than 20 years ago.  That game, by the way, was playtested by the real Bob Watts and Hank the Tank Martin, and was produced by  Marty Fenelon of Simtac, Inc.

So, a big thanks to the reviewer, Jaycee Rabidushominis, for an honest and balanced commentary...as the marines say "It's better that way!"

...and PS:  Jaycee followed up later with:   

Chris and I have been playing Mark McLaughlin's Princess Ryan's Star Marines since the late 90s. Advertised as a card and board game, it is a thrilling romp where a light infantry squad has to battle through ever changing (that's what the cards are for) hostile territory to rescue the damsel (i.e. Princess Ryan) before it's too late (there is a timer but the good guys do get some breaks). It's our most played game over a two decade period. That game is now the subject of a novel by the same Mr. McLaughlin and it is a lot of fun to read. The game is sadly out of print but the novel is available!

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