Friday, August 9, 2013

First Nine Chapters Free!

Princess Ryan's Star Marines - First Nine Chapters Free!

Here's a sample of what you get for only $4.99 on Kindle:

Click on the "Look Inside" feature on the Princess Ryan's page on Kindle and read the first nine chapters of the novel for FREE! on line.

That is 45 pages (nearly 10 percent of the novel) and includes the Dramatis Personae and a Contents section with the titles to all 94 (short) chapters.

If you liked the games, you'll enjoy to novel -- as most of the characters, weapons, warriors and sites from the Avalon Hill board game are there - along with new characters and much, much more!  Suitable for all ages,   Princess Ryan's Star Marines, as one reviewer says, is "...packed to the rafters with old-fashioned space opera (and lots of new bits) that throws caution to the wind and replaces it with very amusing prose, without losing the reins of the story."

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