Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Goodreads' Reviewers Like Princess Ryan's Star Marines!

Goodreads' Reviewers Like Princess Ryan's Star Marines!

Two of Goodreads’ top sci-fi reviewers (rated numbers 1 and 2) reviewed Princess Ryan’s Star Marines. David Wilson sums up what he and his brother, Johnny, thought of the novel with this simple single line: “We both liked it and found the humor to be its greatest redeeming quality as well as some of the action scenes.” He also noted that there were “A lot of clever jokes and what appears to be a few nods to old movies and actors. Lol”

Link to David’s Review
Link to Johnny’s Review:

...and a PS:  They both also like the original board and miniatures games AND Johnny Wilson sent me a note saying how he also likes Rebel Raiders on the High Seas!  What a coincidence!

...and here is the opening from David Wilson's review....

a review of Princess Ryan's Star Marines: Save the Princess!
This quality space opera sneaks in a whole lot of humor and attempts to be a parody without seeming like a parody. What I mean is that this is more a nod at something like Star Wars than an out and out parody like Spaceballs.

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