Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Game in New York City --- After Action Report to Follow

Yesterday I went to New York City and played Rebel Raiders with my friend Brandon, who knows more about all things naval than any other person (save one) I know. (That other one is Christopher Vorder Bruegge, another old friend who also served as historical consultant for the game).

It was a lot of fun to finally play with my own game in its published form.   I will be posting turn-by-turn after action reports of the game over the next week, in between "This Day in Rebel Raiders History" and other entries.  I figure it is better to present it in small bites, rather than put it all on the table at once.   Suffice it to say that we start out nice and slow, but the game gathers speed quickly, and Turn 7 (April 1863) was the real thriller -- where we dumped half of our hands in one battle.....

More the meantime, a good Memorial Day Weekend to all....

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