Saturday, May 18, 2013

What Gamers are Saying About Rebel Raiders

Many of the gamers who have received and begun playing Rebel Raiders on the High Seas have been sharing their first impressions on Facebook, Boardgamegeek, Consimworld and other social media.   Here are just a few of them:

Run, don't walk, and pick up this great game. Would love to see a deluxe version with mounted map and BLOCKS - the Eurogamers will love it. 
-Jeff Newell, Seattle, WA

Good times and a good laugh. It's really that kind of game. You find yourself working hard for the win, but at the same time there's just such a high fun factor at
play that makes such occurrences something you can laugh about. Really liking
the cards. There's a nice "zinger" aspect to them, too. Just when you think
you have the perfect attack lined up, Bobby Lee and Stonewall show up. Good
-Peter Gade, Seattle WA

This game needs a VASAAL MOD asap! Pretty please?
-Joel Toppen, Gallup, New Mexico

...and again from Joel:
THIS is the Civil War game I've been wanting someone to design.  Wow!  I'm really impressed!  Best new game I've played this year.  And the bar is set high.  This is gonna be on the table for a while!"

If Marco (Marco Arnaudo of Boardgamegeek) likes it, you've done well. Fascinating topic, too. Geek seems to be down today, but I clicked on the examples of play on the GMT site to see if it was my cup of tea and it was confirmed.
-Darin Leviloff, Foster City, CA

It looks like a real winner!
-Kevin McPartland, Jessup, MD

It tells a great story about the Civil War …It's also the perfect way to sum up how the game plays. RR is not deterministic but it also doesn't stray into deeply alternate history. It's fun and yet a good teaching tool. You really will walk away understanding a dimension of the ACW that is usually missed
- Brandon Musler, NY, NY

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