Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Game in Progress....

Many thanks to Marco Arnaudo of Bloomington, Indiana for posting these pictures of a game in progress on his Facebook page.  These are from last night; today he is playing the 1862 scenario, which he just remarked: "is a great way to use a day off!"

Here are shots of the Rebels trying to run the Atlantic blockade, where the Union has placed gunboats in the Blockade Stations and screw sloops in the coastal sea zones, and of the situation around Memphis, Island No. 10 and Forts Henry & Donelson.

Note the Union has taken Louisville and Nashville and Chattanooga are as yet without batteries to aid in their defense, as the Confederate has instead concentrated his forces on holding Memphis, the northern key to the Mississippi.

The Union also appears to have made progress, seizing New Berne and driving inland to Goldsboro (although if they have indeed taken it the Confederate Battery marker there should be removed).  With Longstreet deployed to Richmond, however, the Union will need some strong cards to drive north and take the Confederate capital from the southern approach.

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