Sunday, May 12, 2013

An Example of Battle:  Farragut takes on the Rebel Ram Manassas

Here is what a bad day for the Union looks like:  Farragut with only three ships has bulled his way into a port.  The Union uses its one screw sloop to protect one of his two gunboats (gunboats are easily sunk)...unfortunately, not only has the Union chosen to attack a very well defended target (this is about as strong as a defense can get) but the Confederate player has decided to really make the Union pay for it - playing both "Hulks, Rafts and Chains" which adds even more dice and having sent in the Manassas - a ram which he used to target a Union ironclad (not shown as the ram SANK the ironclad)....even with "Damn the Torpedoes..." the Union here is pretty much "damned" - and will retreat with his single surviving ship, the gunboat, thus at least saving Farragut himself....

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