Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our First Major Review - Boardgamegeek says Rebel Raiders is FUN!

Boardgamegeek gave Rebel Raiders a "thumbs up" and said many nice things about the game....notably that "it was fun"

Here are some excerpts:
-Fun (and no "rules issues we couldn't find an answer for")

Unlike most first-play wargames, when packing up the game we marveled over the fact that hadn't run into any rules issues which we couldn't find an answer for in the rulebook (sometimes it took a little digging, though!) before the end of play. That's a uncommon occurrence for any game, wargames especially.

... and a seldom-talked about aspect of wargames, it was fun. I found myself grinning as I caught up blockade runners in dragnets, groaned as raiders slipped through, and rubbed my hands together in Machiavellian glee at a particularly well timed Assault with several applicable card supplements. 

-"A solid, well-designed game with a high fun factor":

This is a pretty solid, well-designed game with a high fun factor and asymmetrical challenges for the Union and Confederate players. It's quick (plays in three hours), easy to play (once you get the rules down) and has a fair amount of colour (I wouldn't call it "chrome") in the rules and the play of cards. Both sides have difficult choices to make on how to pursue overall strategy as well as how to spend resources and cards on individual campaigns and battles.

So, should I buy it?

Short version: You're a naval warfare fan? Yes. American Civil War fan? Probably, unless you really don't like naval warfare or less "simulative" games. General wargamer - yes, if you're looking for a short, simple game that also explores a unusual and little-known side of the ACW. Caveat: it's "evocative", not "simulative".

A grateful thanks to Boardgamegeek from all of us on the Rebel Raiders team...

For the full review go to their website:

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