Tuesday, May 28, 2013

 "Inside the Box" of Rebel Raiders by The Gaming Gang - and some "Wow" Praise

Jeff McAleer of The Gaming Gang has an 11-minute "inside the box" preview of Rebel Raiders.  His preview is very upbeat, and he says especially nice things about the Playbook  - "I love the GMT Playbook!" says Jeff, because it includes "historical info,"  "how to play the game," and "rules for advanced play."   All of that, says Jeff, "really helps turn a light bulb on in my head."


Two AARs of the game were posted on Consimworld this weekend.

"We'll definitely play again"

Allen Hill in his report called it "A fun game, not least for providing detail to the naval campaign while abstracting the land struggle.  The Union player has to be prepared to watch blockade runners and raiders roll successfully time after time, with nothing to do for it, but then the tide turns as the Union economy and land forces grow in strength and effectiveness. We'll definitely play again!"

"All I can say was....WOW!"...."What a great strategic game!"

Pat Kairns wrote in his comments: "It's rare that a game 'grabs me' as quickly as RR."...and "This IMHO is a MUST play game!"  "What a great strategic game" and "had a blast!"

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