Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Boardgamegeek Praises, Recommends Rebel Raiders in After Action Report

In an after action report posted on June 3, on Boardgamegeek,  J.R. Tracy calls Rebel Raiders on the High Seas:  "a surprisingly light and breezy (in a good way) treatment of a sprawling topic. The vast scope of the naval war was captured in a way that still left room for a little tactical nuance in terms of deployment and combat resolution. The cards add a lot of flavor...."

To read the after action report (which begins with a brief AAR of a short Advanced Squad Leader game) go to:

More Praise for Rebel Raiders:

"A very entertaining game," says John Bolash in a posting last week on ConSimWorld.  "Oodles of choices to make and opportunities for variation."

...and this from Steve Duke, commenting on the postings on my blog of the  Replay of the game between Naval Historian Brandon Musler and myself (which will resume tomorrow with Turn 6)....

"I think it says a lot (in a good way) that the designer wants to play his game after all the toil to produce it. I hear sometimes/often that is not the case."

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