Sunday, June 9, 2013

"Wow!" and other nice things gamers are saying about Rebel Raiders on the High Seas

-We pause in our continuing coverage of the replay of a game between the designer and a naval historian to note and acknowledge some kind words posted about the game:

- Jean Leviathan of Lublin, Poland

"Oh, now you've gone and made me want to buy this.  My wife will not like you."
-Barry Kendall, Lebanon PA

"It's an easy system to teach and learn.  As others have said, 15-20 minutes and we're good to go! If anyone likes tension in a game they will love Rebel Raiders."
-Pat Kearns, BGG

and also from Pat:

 "Happy to read that a module" (for Vassal) "is in the 'works.' I (and others) will patiently await its arrival as I go about teaching the game to a few more eager friends"

-Thank you all, and I hope you all continue to enjoy playing Rebel Raiders on the High Seas!

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