Monday, June 24, 2013

Rebel Raiders Rocks –
What Gamers Are Saying About Rebel Raiders on the High Seas – June 24, 2013

Good reports, congratulations and recommendations continue to flow in for Rebel Raiders on the High Seas;  here are some of the latest:

Rebel Raiders Rocks!
“Kudos Fred and Mark on this gem. Really captures the feel of the naval war, with lots of flavor and definitely a player’s game.”
-Darin Leviloff, Foster City CA (and designer of Soviet Dawn, Israeli Independence and Ottoman Sunset)

That Game Really Rocks!
“Charles and I just played about 2/3 of a game of Rebel Raiders (it’s set up on my table until we can finish it). That game really rocks! I’ll write more later, I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy it....I really enjoyed the game, can't wait to finish it. 
Chris Buhl, Pittsfield, MA

A Very Entertaining Game..Oodles of choices to make...
“A very entertaining game.  Oodles of choices to make and opportunities for variation.  I’ve started a second.”
-John Bolash, Consimworld

A Nail Biter Down to the Wire and We Had a Great Time With It
“Got to play our first full game of RR last Wednesday and had a great time with it.”
“A nail biter down to the wire and we had a great time with it.”
-Chuck Parrot, Winnabow, NC

This is a Game I Would Recommend to Anyone
“This is a game I would recommend to anyone. It is fairly simple to learn and understand, but it does not suffer from insufficient strategy and AP. You are constantly second guessing yourself and wondering what you could have done differently with each play.  Really well done game and one I think will hit the table a few more times.”
- Erich Vereen, Leland NC

And Cheers for the AAR too….

….and on the just-completed After Action Report of the game between the designer and naval historian Brandon Musler:

-“I must say this was one of the most exciting AARs I’ve ever read. It reinforces my desire to play RR to death.”
-Pat Kairns, Montreal, Canada

-“I think it says a lot (in a good way) that the designer wants to play his game after all the toil to produce it. I hear sometimes/often that is not the case”

-Steve Duke, Georgetown, Texas

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